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Parliamentarians demand 'proper public access' to Assange hearings

Eight Members of the European Parliament are calling on the British government to improve access to Julian Assange’s extradition hearings, which continue at London’s Central Criminal Court this morning.

Assange Court Report September 14: Afternoon

Proceedings grind to a halt

Assange Court Report September 14: Morning

Assange facing solitary confinement in the US, court told.

Assange Court Report September 10: Morning

Julian Assange hearing halted due to COVID-19 scare.

Assange Court Report September 9: Afternoon

A victory for the US government in the Assange case would “criminalise every journalist,” a press freedom expert has told a court.

Witness Statement: Trevor Timm

Trevor Timm is the Executive Director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. His evidence lays out the differing approaches to leaks from the Obama and Trump Administrations.

Assange Court Report September 9: Morning

15,000 Iraqi civilian casualties exposed by WikiLeaks.

Witness Statement: Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers is Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University. His evidence will speak to the politically motivated nature of the case.

Assange Court Report September 8: Afternoon

The Trump administration wanted a “head on a spike,” to deter future leakers and put pressure on the US Justice Department to prosecute Julian Assange a court has heard.

Assange Court Report September 8: Morning

A secret US government assassination programme was halted thanks to information provided by WikiLeaks, a court heard today. The testimony came during the second day of the extradition hearing of...

Witness Statement: Clive Stafford Smith

Clive Stafford Smith, JD, OBE, is a British attorney who specialises in the areas of civil rights and working against the death penalty in the United States of America. He...

Assange Court Report September 7: Afternoon

When proceedings resumed at 2pm, the defence asked for a further 30 minute adjournment to consult with their client about this morning’s rulings; there being no objections court rose until...

Witness Statement: Mark Feldstein

Mark Feldstein is a Professor of Broadcast Journalism at the University of Maryland. He has twenty years’ experience as an investigative journalist.

Assange Prosecution Argument September 2020

The prosecution skeleton argument for the Assange extradition hearing is available at the following link:

Assange Court Report September 7: Morning

Hundreds of protesters gathered this morning outside London’s Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey, to show their support for Julian Assange, who is facing extradition to the United States on...

Assange Extradition Hearing Photos: September

Photos from the first day of the continued extradition hearing of Julian Assange at Central Criminal Court in London, September 07, 2020. All photos credit: Guy Smallman.

Assange Defence Arguments September 2020

Defence skeleton arguments for the Assange extradition hearing are available (in two parts) at the following links:

February Court Reports

The first four days of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing were held at Woolwich Crown Court in February 2020. You can find our reports for the Woolwich hearings below.

Defence opening remarks for renewed application to adjourn

Below you’ll find the defence opening remarks for renewed adjourment application in the Julian Assange extradition case delivered during the case management hearing on April 27, 2020 at Westminster Magistrates...

Assange Case Management Hearing Report, April 27, 2020

Julian Assange Extradition Case Management Hearing Monday 27 April 2020 Westminster Magistrates Court Before District Judge Vanessa Baraitser

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